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Strong Advocacy After A Semi-truck Accident

Hit by a semi? Don’t fool around with your future. Get a strong lawyer on your side to pursue an aggressive personal injury claim.

At the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, we have a proven track record dating back decades of helping injured people recover rightful compensation for injuries from semi-truck accidents. We have the resources, experience and personal commitment to help you rebuild you life after the terrible harm you have suffered.

Give us a call now to arrange your free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm. We have 13 locations in Ohio and Kentucky to serve you, including offices in Cincinnati and Dayton.

Why You Need To Act Now — And How We Can Be Of Service

Semi-truck accidents can be complex cases. It is crucial to begin investigating right away, so that we can gather the evidence we need to build your case for compensation.

Here’s what our lawyers can do:

  • Protect your interests in dealing with insurance companies.
  • Make sure you get proper medical treatment.
  • Identify all parties who may be held responsible for causing the accident.
  • Monitor investigations of the accident by law enforcement and regulatory agencies.
  • Demand that your compensation claim be taken seriously — and be prepared to back that up with forceful litigation and strategic negotiations.

Don’t delay because you are unsure of what to do. Instead, let us take the legal burdens off your shoulders and do battle for you in the legal arena. Our firm has done this successfully for more than half a century. The way we do this is one case at a time, with compassion for your injuries and full commitment to asserting your legal rights.

Free Meeting To Discuss Your Particular Case

It costs you nothing to meet with us in a preliminary consultation to discuss your case. To make an appointment, call 513-721-1077 in Cincinnati, 937-531-7999 in Dayton or 859-547-3334 in Kentucky. You can also complete our online form.