Accidents Caused By Improperly Loaded Trucks

People outside of the trucking industry often are not aware of how important it is for a semi truck to be loaded properly. We do. At the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, our decades of experience handling truck accident cases have taught us that we must investigate whether the truck was properly loaded, because that may have been the cause of the accident.

Shifting Loads And Overturned Trucks

When a trailer is loaded, the cargo needs to be either strapped down or arranged in such a way that it does not move around while the truck is in motion. This is particularly important if the cargo is heavy. Failure to properly secure the cargo could lead the load to shift while the truck is turning. The shift in weight could cause the truck to overturn onto other vehicles.

Overweight Loads And Rear-End Collisions

Even without any cargo in the trailer, truck brakes have an extreme burden. They must be able to stop an extremely heavy vehicle in a relatively short amount of time. Truck drivers are trained to start braking much earlier than drivers of smaller vehicles have to. However, if the trailer is overloaded, even the substantial amount of time that a truck driver has allowed for the vehicle to come to a stop may not be enough. A matter of feet can make a significant difference. If the truck does not stop in time, it can lead to a serious rear-end collision.

Our Ohio truck accident attorneys represent victims in Ohio and northern Kentucky. We have the skill and the knowledge to get to the heart of the case, find out who was responsible and hold that party accountable for the damage done.

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