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How Truck Accidents Can Result From Equipment Failure

Trucking companies, drivers and other parties are responsible for the condition and proper maintenance of fleet vehicles. When they fail to take their role seriously, tragic consequences can occur. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys here at Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, have helped many Ohioans in Cincinnati and Dayton, as well as residents in parts of Kentucky, after a devastating collision with a heavy truck.

Q: What Parts, Or Systems On A Truck Can Be Defective?

A: Many components on a semitruck can fail. Among these are:

  • Safety bars: Also called crash bars or underride guards, these are subject to cracking or breaking that can inhibit their ability to prevent cars or motorcycles from going under a truck.
  • Tires: Over- or underinflated tires or worn tread can seriously hamper a truck driver’s ability to avoid an accident.
  • Brakes: Improperly maintained or faulty brake systems can lead to potentially deadly situations for innocent victims.

Other faulty elements that can lead to an accident, include the fuel systems, front and rear lights, wipers, steering systems and instrument panels.

Q: What Can Cause Equipment Failure?

A: The failure of any part of a semitruck can be caused by problems in the part’s design, errors in the manufacturing process, lack of proper preventative maintenance or incorrect use by the driver.

Q: Who Is Responsible For Accidents Caused By Equipment Defects?

A: Depending on the nature of the defect or failure, various parties can be responsible for a tractor-trailer wreck. These include individual truck owners, trucking companies, truck mechanics and parts manufacturing companies.

Help Is Available

Prompt help after a truck accident is important. Our lawyers will sit down with you, explain to you what your rights are and then gather supporting evidence for your claim. As aggressive advocates, we seek the highest amount of compensation that applies to your situation. We also offer easy scheduling and free initial consultations.

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