Farm Equipment Accidents Can Be Catastrophic

When we drive in rural areas, we often share the road with farm equipment. While farmers are allowed to drive tractors, sprayers, combines and other machines on public roads and highways, they must follow strict regulations when they do so. If you have been injured in an accident involving farm equipment, it’s important to contact an attorney who understands the traffic laws that apply to farm vehicles.

For more than 50 years, the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, has represented injured people both in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati and in rural areas of Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your farm injury case.

Two trends tend to put commuters on the same roads and highways as farm equipment. First, urban spread has lead to an increased number of housing developments in rural areas. Secondly, both farms and equipment have grown larger over the years. As a result, bulky equipment often needs to be moved from field to field over public roads that are congested with commuters. Our attorneys represent both drivers and passengers in cars, as well as farm equipment operators who are injured by another’s negligence.

Who Was At Fault?

Some of the most common situations that lead to accidents include:

  • Wide loads
  • Stopped vehicles
  • Slow-moving vehicles
  • Young or inexperienced drivers
  • Lack of proper lights, slow-moving vehicle signs and markings

The sooner you contact us after an accident, the sooner our lawyers can go to work collecting and preserving evidence that can be crucial to winning your case.

How To Contact Us

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