Who Can Be Held Accountable For A Medical Misdiagnosis?

If you were injured due to misdiagnosis or improper care of a doctor, dentist, or other medical provider.

When you receive care from a medical provider, you expect your health to improve; however, sometimes, medical providers make mistakes, take unnecessary risks, or act negligently and fail to deliver a basic standard of care. Many states may have specific rules about pursing medical malpractice cases. If you believe you have been misdiagnosed or improperly cared for, you should:

  • Seek a second opinion, and try to have your new medical provider document in writing that your symptoms were a direct result of poor prior medical care
  • Be aware that medical doctors must be licensed to practice
  • You should check your doctor’s qualifications in order to see if your doctor is in good standing or has had any prior complaints about his or her practice
  • Keep all of your medical records and reports, including prescription receipts Medical malpractice claims involve complex theories of liability. The doctor’s malpractice insurance wants to deny or settle your claim for as little as possible. Be aware that they have experienced adjusters trained to protect their interests and ask questions to build legal defenses to your claim.

Until you have contacted an attorney:

  • Do not sign a release of your claims
  • Do not make any written or recorded statements or sign anything that could be against your interest
  • Do not discuss settlement until you are fully recovered from your injuries and have been discharged by your physician

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