Road rage is has become a serious Ohio safety concern

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No one likes to get stuck in traffic. Even those who enjoy driving and love their jobs may become frustrated and irritable when trapped in rush-hour traffic jams. They may glower at a driver who cuts them off or drives at the speed limit in the fast lane.

Sometimes, the conduct of one driver can irritate another so much that they behave in irrational and unsafe ways. Some people let their feelings get the better of them in traffic, leading to road rage incidents. Road rage describes a phenomenon in which motorists become aggressive toward each other over perceived driving issues.

Road rage incidents may start with tailgating, honking and angry gestures. In more serious cases, one driver may follow the other and might assault them. Recently, more serious road rage incidents have become a frequent issue on Ohio roads.

Why road rage matters

Road rage doesn’t always end with an angry look or some shouted profanities. Every year in Ohio, there are multiple shootings related to road rage incidents. The number of road rage incidents that lead to shootings has increased substantially in recent years in Ohio.

Obviously, road rage incidents in which people become physically violent with one another are a serious concern. An assault or a shooting could lead to serious injuries or death. The person attacked could also end up traumatized by the incident.

For every road rage scenario that results in interpersonal violence, there are many others that primarily involve unsafe driving. A motorist tailgating someone else in traffic could very easily cause a crash. Their erratic and aggressive behavior puts the person that they target at risk.

In fact, they may become so focused on provoking or following one other driver in traffic that they do something dangerous that causes a crash with someone else. They may fail to monitor other vehicles as their intense emotions limit their focus to one vehicle.

Anyone harmed by a road rage incident may be in a strong position to seek financial compensation. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, or even a wrongful death lawsuit, could be reasonable if an angry driver causes a crash or commits a crime that results in injury. The courts can help hold an angry driver accountable for the consequences of their behavior.


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