Steps to take after a car accident

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If you are involved in a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. While this might be true, it is important to remain calm and take the right steps to protect yourself. 

What you do in the moments and even days after a car accident can impact any legal claim. Here, you will find steps to take after a car accident

Ensure safety

After an accident, make sure everyone is safe. Be sure to see if anyone is injured, including those in other vehicles. 

If you can, move to a safe location, but stay nearby. Turn your vehicle’s hazard lights on if you cannot move it from the road. 

Call emergency services

Dial 911 immediately, even if the accident appears minor. Reporting the accident ensures that medical personnel, police and potentially firefighters can arrive on the scene quickly. The police report will be needed for any insurance claims and legal matters.

Exchange information

Take time to get information from the other driver, such as their name, phone number, license number, license plate information, address and insurance policy. If there are witnesses who stopped, get their contact information, too. 

Document the scene

Use your phone to take photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage and any relevant road conditions or signage. These photos can be critical for insurance claims and any legal actions that may arise.

Notify your insurance company

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them about the accident. Provide them with all the gathered information and photos. Follow their instructions on how to proceed with your claim.

You must know your coverage and policy to know what to do next. Your agent can help you with the claims process and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to. 

Seek medical attention

Even if you feel fine, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries, like whiplash or internal injuries, may not be immediately apparent. A medical professional can evaluate your condition and document any injuries related to the accident.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations for follow-up care. Keep records of all medical visits, treatments, and expenses, as they may be necessary for insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Taking the appropriate steps after a car accident will help you protect your rights. 

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