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As we move into summer, Cincinnati area residents will be looking for ways to stay cool, which often involves finding a place to swim or just hang out in the water. Water parks like the one at Kings Island and local lakes make great daylong getaways. However, most people spend more time in the water at local swim clubs, country clubs, public pools and neighbors’ or their own backyard pools.

Maintaining a safe backyard pool isn’t just the responsible thing to do. It’s the law. Ohio has a number of regulations that people with private pools need to follow. For example, a private swimming pool must be surrounded by a fence that’s at least 6 feet high. That’s just one requirement. Some localities have their own as well.

The most common causes of pool injuries

While children are often most at risk of injury, as are adults who don’t know how to swim, pools can present serious risks to anyone in or near them if something malfunctions or isn’t installed or maintained properly. 

Among these risks are:

  • Diving boards and slides: Pools need to have a section deep enough for a diving board or slide. Even with that, these are among the most common causes of serious pool injuries.
  • Pool pumps and drains: These suction points must be securely covered and properly spaced. If they aren’t, the pressure is powerful enough to disembowel a child. Children are too often killed, and adults can be catastrophically injured if they’re caught in one.
  • Ladders and steps: The edges of any steps need to be clearly marked. It’s also wise to have a handrail (and for everyone to use it), even if there are only a few steps. It’s too easy to slip and/or misjudge where the step is.
  • Electrical wiring and devices: Most people aren’t thinking about the electrical aspects of maintaining a pool when they’re enjoying it. However, bad wiring or improper grounding can result in fires or electrocution.  

Of course, the area surrounding the pool is always a slip-and-fall risk. However, responsible pool owners often use texturing and other components to minimize the slickness of the deck when it gets wet.

No one’s summer should be marred by a pool injury. If you or a loved one has been injured due to inadequate safety precautions by a property owner, it’s important to find out more about your rights to justice and the appropriate compensation to cover medical costs and other expenses and damages.

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