What do you need to do after a car accident?

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While an individual may only suffer from less than a handful of car accidents in their lifetime, it’s estimated that 30 thousand people become victims of collisions every day. Of about 1.5 million car accidents a year, 50 thousand crashes are fatal. Many of these car accidents happen because of distracted, drunk or negligent drivers.

A car accident can happen at the worst time. Drivers may need to learn what they should do if they are unexpectedly in an accident: 

1. Move your car to safety

Many car accidents happen in the middle of traffic. If a car lingers on the road for too long, then it’s possible that additional crashes could pile on. If possible, drivers should move their vehicles out of traffic. If not possible, drivers should turn on their hazard lights to alert other drivers.

2. Contact the police

Once drivers are safe, then they should call the police. The police should arrive shortly after an accident to file a report. The report will be useful for insurers to determine fault and compensation. 

3. Take pictures of the accident

It may help drivers to take pictures of the accident. They may want to make a record of the damages to each vehicle and any serious injuries. 

4. Get a medical examination 

Ask the police to call an ambulance. Drivers and passengers alike may want to consider getting a medical examination even if they don’t appear injured. A medical report could be useful if victims develop medical issues after the accident.

5. Report to your insurer

Drivers should reach out to their insurers to notify them of the accident. Once done, this should start the claim process of investigating the accident and presenting compensation.

It can be difficult for the victims of auto accident to get compensated fairly for their injuries and losses. It can help drivers to understand their legal options when seeking fair compensation. 

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