Should you install a dash camera?

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Imagine that a driver was hit by a car. The accident caused serious damage to the car and injured the driver. The other driver then accused the victim of causing the accident. Without further evidence and eyewitnesses, it could be hard to prove who caused the accident – and the victim may have an even harder time getting fair compensation.

A possible scenario like this could be resolved with a dash camera. Here’s what you should know:

3 types of dash cameras

A dash camera is a device that can be installed in cars that records constant video. There are several kinds of dash cameras, here are three common ones people install in their cars: 

  • Front-facing: This camera takes video of the road ahead. Anything the driver sees through the front windshield could be recorded by a front-facing camera. 
  • Back-facing: This camera takes video of the road behind. This could record anything that the driver would not have seen from the rear. A back-facing camera is usually installed with a front-facing camera. 
  • 360-degree: Some drivers install cameras that record anything from the front, back and side windows. This camera may also record the actions of the driver and passengers in the car. 

Most dash cameras will start recording once a car is turned on. Some cameras will record the instant it senses an impact. This feature could also be useful if a car was broken in. 

Getting unbiased evidence of an accident

The purpose of a dash camera is to have unbiased evidence of an accident. If a car accident would lead to a legal battle, having a dash camera could be useful evidence. If two drivers are arguing over an accident, for example, then the dash camera could help dispute any allegations. 

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