Can prescription medication cause auto accidents?

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Auto accidents happen for many common reasons. For example, many car crashes are caused by distracted driving, which is often caused by texts and calls. Another cause of auto accidents is alcohol, which impairs cognitive control that’s beneficial for safe driving. 

However, many drivers don’t realize that prescription medicines can lead to auto accidents. Here’s what you should know:

All drugs have the potential for trouble

People can talk about their medical conditions to their medical providers and ask about forms of treatments, which often leads to a vitamin supplement or prescription medicine. Over half of all Americans use some kind of prescription medicine for physical and mental conditions. 

These drugs may help in various ways, such as providing vitamins and nutrients, reducing pain, lowering blood pressure, calming the mind and strengthening focus. Patients should be aware that nearly every kind of prescription drug can lead to negative side effects. These side effects, when used improperly, can affect people’s driving. 

For example, some people seek treatments for insomnia and are prescribed medicines to help do so. However, these drugs may lead to dizziness, drowsiness and unfocus, which could cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel. 

Drug abuse is also quite common. People who use muscle relaxants or painkillers may become addicted. Their abuse can lower their concentration, judgment and muscle control. An addict behind the wheel could cause a serious car accident. 

Prescription medicine can adversely affect people’s ability to drive. It’s important that people talk with their doctors about the side effects of prescription drugs and when it’s safe to be behind the wheel. Drivers who ignore the advice of their doctors may risk endangering themselves, passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. People injured in such auto accidents may take legal action for their injuries and losses. 

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