Ohio’s most dangerous counties for commuters

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If you’re a commuter, you are facing an inherent amount of risk. Your drive to work every day carries some element of risk that you could be involved in a car accident. In fact, some studies have found that a person’s daily commute is one of the most dangerous things that they do every day, especially when and where car accidents are particularly prevalent.

Of course, you can attempt to drive safely and become a defensive driver. But you’ll still face certain risks because of the other drivers around you. You could be injured in an accident that someone else causes through their own negligence, even though you didn’t make any mistakes.

With that said, statistics show that not all commuting locations are created equal. There are four specific counties within Ohio that are the most dangerous for commuters according to the fatal accident rates within those counties. Note that the numbers discussed below are statistics concerning the period from 2018-2020.

Franklin County

Franklin County had a total of 302 fatal accidents, making it the most dangerous in the state. A full 92 of these were related to drunk driving, 70 were related to speeding and another 12 were primarily related to distracted driving.

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County came in second with 243 total fatal accidents. Interestingly, they were even more drunk driving accidents, at 101, despite the lower total. There were also more speeding accidents, at 94. Distracted driving was only primarily connected to eight accidents.

Hamilton County

In Hamilton County, there were 59 fatal accidents related to drunk driving, 42 related to speed and seven primarily related to distracted driving. On the whole, there were 156 fatalities over the three-year span, and the road with the highest number was I-75.

Montgomery County

Fourth on the list is Montgomery County, with a total of 151 fatal accidents. Just 54 of them were related to drunk driving, 27 were related to speeding and only seven were primarily related to distracted driving. Once again, however, the greatest number of these accidents happened on I-75.

What to do after an accident

Being aware of just how dangerous certain counties are can help to inspire motorists to make defensive decisions when traveling there. However, as noted above, it may not be possible to avoid accidents because other drivers make mistakes. Those who do get injured during their commute need to know exactly what legal steps to take next. Seeking legal guidance is a good place to start.

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