Cyclists can be at fault for serious injuries to drivers

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This time of year, Ohio drivers are more likely to be sharing the road with cyclists. That can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even when they have a designated bike lane, cyclists don’t always stay within the lane. When there’s a group of cyclists riding together, there’s an even bigger chance that someone will move into a traffic lane – often without warning.

Cyclists have to abide by the “rules of the road” just like drivers do. For example, Ohio law states in part, “Every person operating a bicycle or electric bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable obeying all traffic rules applicable to vehicles….” Individual localities may have additional regulations for cyclists.

As a responsible driver, you probably try to stay as far away from cyclists as you’re safely able to – maybe even moving into another lane so that you aren’t next to the bike lane. Unfortunately, not all cyclists exercise the amount of caution they should.

Cyclists can cause drivers to collide with other cars or objects

Cyclists typically suffer far worse injuries than those in vehicles when the two collide. However, that doesn’t mean the driver is always to blame. Further, cyclists can cause drivers to make unsafe moves to avoid them and remain uninjured while those in the vehicle suffer serious injuries. For example, if a cyclist swerves in front of a car, the driver may move into another lane, resulting in a serious crash with another vehicle, a tree or even a pedestrian.

If you’ve been injured in a crash caused by a cyclist who was reckless or negligent, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical treatment and other expenses and damages. Many people have some type of insurance that covers bike accidents. Even if they aren’t insured, you can still hold them liable. In fact, their own bike and helmet cameras may provide you with evidence that can prove they were in the wrong. By obtaining experienced legal guidance as soon as possible, you improve your chances of getting justice and compensation.

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