Can you tell the signs of fatigue driving?

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Driving is one of the most challenging activities you can ever engage in. Even the most experienced and diligent drivers can find themselves caught up in a car wreck that they absolutely have nothing to do with. If you are hurt in a car crash that is attributable to fatigue driving, you deserve justice. 

According to studies, fatigue has the same effects on a driver as alcohol. This means that fatigue driving is as dangerous to an exhausted driver as it is to other road users. 

So how does fatigue driving happen?

Anyone can get fatigued behind the wheel, especially if they did not get enough prior to hitting the road. Specifically, individuals who drive for a living like commercial truck drivers are highly vulnerable especially if they are out on long-distance assignments. Shift drivers such as those who work during the day and take up driving jobs at night are also at a greater risk of getting tired. 

Driving while under certain medications like antihistamines and antidepressants as well as those who drive under the influence can also get fatigued. This also applies to drivers with sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. 

So how can you tell the motorist ahead or behind you could be fatigued?

Most fatigue driving signs are almost identical to driving signs. Here are two warning signs that the driver ahead or behind could be fatigued behind the wheel:

They are drifting in and out of their lanes 

If the motorist in front is having trouble staying in their lane, there is a pretty good chance they are fatigued. The same is true of drivers who run through “rumble strips.” 

Missing road signs

It is not uncommon to miss an exit. However, if the motorist ahead overlooks crucial road signs like stopping at the crosswalk or maintaining proper speed, then there is a problem. They could be drowsy driving. 

Protecting your rights

Driver fatigue is a common problem throughout the U.S. Learning more about Ohio negligence laws can help you safeguard your rights and interests if you are hurt in an accident that is attributable to fatigue driving

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