Avoid these 5 mistakes after an Uber or Lyft accident

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People rely on Uber and Lyft to get them places safely and quickly. Some people use rideshare services when traveling so that they don’t need to rent a car or try to learn their way around an unfamiliar city. Other people rely on rideshare apps where they live because it is cheaper than buying and insuring a vehicle.

However, there are certain downsides to securing transportation through a rideshare app. People often (and understandably so) worry about the consequences of a crash when riding in a vehicle of a stranger for a one-time service facilitated by a third-party provider. Those who do experience a crash while in an Uber or Lyft vehicle should do their best to avoid these five common responses to this situation in order to better protect their interests.

1. Agreeing not to report the collision

Drivers will often try to convince others not to report a car crash to the police. They may worry about the ticket or an increase in their insurance costs. Technically, it is the obligation of the drivers involved to report the incident.

Unfortunately, those who do not report a crash to the police or to the app that facilitated the ride will have a much harder time getting compensation for property damage expenses and any losses they suffered.

2. Leaving without gathering evidence

Sometimes, passengers think they can just move on with their day after a crash. Before they arrange for another ride, they should take the time to gather information about the crash. Video of the vehicles and information about the drivers could be critical to someone’s pursuit of compensation later.

3. Choosing not to see a doctor after the wreck

Often, it will be the inconvenience of the crash itself or the potential expense of medical treatment that will convince someone they don’t need to see a doctor. An evaluation and prompt diagnosis can make a big difference for someone after a crash.

4. Posting about the crash on social media

Discussing pending legal matters in a public setting is typically a bad decision. Posting details about the crash or accusations against the rideshare company involved can lead to complications that will delay the claims process.

5. Accepting an early settlement offer

It is very common for insurance professionals to offer a settlement shortly after receiving notice of the crash. A first settlement offer may seem like a blessing, but it can actually put someone at a major disadvantage. Accepting a settlement things giving up the right to future claims, which could mean that someone ends up receiving far less than they deserve.

Avoiding common mistakes after a motor vehicle collision involving a Lyft or Uber ride can protect affected passengers from financial losses related to that crash.

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