Why you need to wear a helmet when biking

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It’s just about time to pull out your bike and enjoy the coming spring weather on all of your favorite trails. You’ll want to check your brakes to ensure they’re still strong and ready for any unexpected stops. You may even need to check for any loose bolts while you’re at it. 

You’ll especially want to ensure your helmet is still in good shape. However, many people don’t wear helmets, to begin with, while biking. This may be because it looks odd looking or because it feels strange to wear.

Your helmet is paramount to your safety. But, how do flimsy sheets of plastic and some foam padding protect you in an accident? Here’s what you should know:

Preventing head injuries

Bicycle helmets are needed to protect riders from serious head injuries. You could suffer injuries after simply hitting a bump and falling or you may have had an encounter with a vehicle or another biker. By wearing your helmet, you’re doing everything you can to reduce injuries. 

You’re not just protecting your head when you wear a helmet. You’re also protecting your face and brain. Helmets help absorb shock during a fall or accident.

Replacing your helmet

Bike helmets aren’t made to eliminate injuries, instead, they’re made to reduce the possible chance of suffering a catastrophic or fatal injury. That being said, you could still need to seek medical attention after an accident while on your bike. 

You’ll also want to replace your helmet for the next time you go on a ride. Bike helmets are typically made to only sustain one accident. Wearing a helmet that’s survived an accident may only increase your chances of suffering a debilitating injury. 

If you’re in an accident with a vehicle while riding your bike, then you should understand your legal options.

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