4 tips to protect yourself from a dog attack

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Dog attacks happen all of the time. It can happen from a stray dog that you’ve never seen before or it can happen from the neighbor’s dog whom you have known for years. Essentially, dog attacks happen suddenly and unexpectedly and can severely injure you.

Next time you’re going for a walk or encountering a dog, you should be prepared. There are certain measures you can take to protect yourself when faced with a dog. Here’s what you should consider:

1. Don’t engage with the dog

While you know you aren’t going to hurt a dog who’s bearing its teeth or showing other signs of aggression, the dog doesn’t know that. Attempting to reason with an aggressive dog may only increase your chances of getting injured. 

2. Don’t run from the dog

Your first instinct, much like others, is to run away once you see an aggravated dog. However, running may only cause the dog to chase you and you’re very unlikely to outrun one. Instead, you should consider standing still, avoiding eye contact and slowly backing away. Yet, you shouldn’t turn your focus away from the dog should it suddenly lunge at you.

3. Use a demanding voice

Some stray dogs are lost and have been trained to respond to commands. As such, if you encounter a stray dog, you may consider shouting for them to sit. There’s a possibility that the dog will do as they’re told. This could give you the chance to then safely walk away.

4. Carry dog spray

If you know there’s a high possibility of encountering a stray dog on your walk or while you’re out of the house, then you may need to invest in dog spray. You can use the spray on the dog and, typically, the dog should run away in confusion. Certain kinds of dog spray are made to deter dogs without hurting them.

If you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself from a dog attack, yet still suffered injuries, then you should understand your legal options when determining who’s at fault.

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