Ohio is one of the most accident-prone states in the country

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You may have found yourself claiming previously that Ohio has some of the worst drivers in the country in frustration after getting trapped in rush hour traffic or cut off by someone behaving inappropriately. It may be cold comfort to learn that some experts actually agree with your assertion.

In fact, in an analysis of motor vehicle collision rates performed by Insurify, a website that helps people compare insurance prices, Ohio ranked in the top 10 worst states in the country for drivers being at-fault for crashes.

What methodology did the website use?

Professionals looked at crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and analyzed it on a state-by-state basis. Specifically, what they looked at was how many drivers within each state were at fault for a crash in the last seven years.

In 2022, Insurify found that roughly 8.8% of drivers across the country were designated as at-fault for a collision at some point during the last seven years. However, Ohio was one of the worst states in the country for the rate of at-fault accidents. In 2022, roughly 11.4% of drivers had an at-fault crash on record from within the last seven years. Only Massachusetts and South Carolina had higher rates of drivers who were to blame for crashes.

That rate is 29% higher than the national average and means that there are roughly 1.19 traffic deaths for every 100 million miles traveled in the state. Each year, roughly one in every 9,615 people in Ohio will die in a traffic collision. If there is any positive takeaway from these alarming statistics, it is that the fatality rate in Ohio crashes is lower than the national average. In other words, while there may be more accident-prone drivers in the state, the collisions they cause aren’t always catastrophic.

What this means for you

Obviously, having more drivers causing collisions means your risk of experiencing a crash might be higher in Ohio than in other nearby states. More collisions could also eventually mean higher insurance rates for drivers in Ohio.

You can also use this information to make better choices about your own driving habits. When you realize that a surprising number of Ohio drivers have caused a crash in recent years, you may have more motivation to engage in defensive driving techniques that could help you avoid a collision. Understanding the statistics related to car wrecks in Ohio can help you stay safe on the roads and make better choices about the insurance you carry.


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