I have been hit by an uninsured driver in Ohio. What do I do? 

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Ohio is an at-fault state. Basically, this means that if you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, then you can pursue the responsible party for the resulting damages through their insurance provider. What happens, though, if the other driver is not insured?

Being involved in a car wreck is stressful enough without taking into account whether the other driver is insured or not. If the responsible party is not insured, however, you have valid concerns as to whether you recover any compensation for the resulting damages. Fortunately, it helps to know that you have options

Here are two options you can consider when dealing with an uninsured driver in Ohio:

You can file a claim with your insurance provider

Ohio uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance is an optional form of insurance that you can purchase and file a claim against when dealing with a motorist who has no liability insurance coverage or whose coverage is not sufficient to pay for your damages. 

You can directly sue the at-fault driver

Since Ohio is an at-fault state, you can directly pursue the negligent driver for any medical expenses, property damages and other resulting damages attributed to the accident. If they do not have any insurance at all, you can file a civil lawsuit against them. 

In some cases, that may not lead to much, but it can be an effective tactic if the other driver has property, a business or other assets that can be used to satisfy your claim.

Not many life experiences are as traumatic and scary as being involved in a car accident. The situation can become a nightmare if you discover that the liable party is not insured. Find out how you can recover damages if you are hurt due to an uninsured driver’s actions. 

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