Quadriplegia can occur after a spinal cord injury

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A person who has a spinal cord injury may have to deal with a lot of effects. Spinal cord injuries are unique because the effects a person feels will always be below the level of the injury. For those who have a cervical spine injury, which is an injury in the neck, quadriplegia is possible. 

Quadriplegia, which is also called tetraplegia, is paralysis of all four limbs. Understanding a bit about this condition may help people who are newly diagnosed.

Types of quadriplegia

There are four different classifications of quadriplegia. Your medical team will help you to understand which of these you have. Here is some additional information about the types of quadriplegia victims experience:

  • Partial quadriplegia: This involves weakness of the limbs, but not a complete loss of ability to move and use them
  • Complete quadriplegia: This is complete paralysis in the limbs
  • Flaccid quadriplegia: This means the muscles atrophy and lose their tone
  • Spastic quadriplegia: This means the limb muscles frequently spasm, particularly when they’re stretched.

The classification of quadriplegia includes two points, so this means you can have:

  • Partial flaccid quadriplegia
  • Partial spastic quadriplegia
  • Complete flaccid quadriplegia
  • Complete spastic quadriplegia

The treatments a person receives and their chances of recovering some function depend on the location of the injury to the spine and the severity. Prompt medical care may help minimize the effects a person will have if they have a spinal cord injury.

Seeking compensation if you’re injured due to another person’s negligence is possible — and your right. If you or a loved one has spinal cord damage and permanent mobility challenges, the expenses can be astronomical and the damage to your overall health and enjoyment of life can be immense. Find out more about your legal options today.

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