What is the most dangerous highway in Kentucky?

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Certain roads are a little bit more dangerous than others. Numerous different elements about the road itself and the local community influence how likely a crash is to occur at a specific location. The design of the road, including how steep inclines are and how visible approaching roads are around an intersection, can influence crash risk.

The traffic density on a particular road and the speed limit are also important considerations. Statistically, there are some roads in Kentucky that are more dangerous than others. Highways often dominate such lists because they involve many people all traveling at very high speeds. Of course, they offer quick travel convenience as a trade-off for the increased crash risk.

When you understand which highways pose the biggest risk to you as a driver or passenger, you can make better choices about the route you follow on your way to work every day or when driving across the state to attend a concert.

What highway has been the most dangerous in recent years?

Researchers looked at three years of crash data about wrecks from 2017 through 2019 to determine where someone was most likely to get into a wreck. The results likely won’t surprise those who have driven on the highway determined to be the most dangerous.

US-25 between State Road Champ and Fariston Road in London is the deadliest stretch of highway in Kentucky. In just three years, there were nine deaths caused by crashes. The section of US-25 between New Coleman Lane and Spurr Road in Lexington is also on the list with eight deaths. State Routes 1747, 1447, 1934 and 1856 were also all in the top ten most dangerous sections of road in the state.

Do you have to completely avoid unsafe streets?

Frequently, people respond to learning about the potential danger on certain roads by determining that they won’t travel that way anymore. However, sometimes traveling on dangerous roads like US-25 is inevitable because it is the best route given your destination or the only option because of road work on other streets.

You can use this information for your own safety both by reducing how frequently you travel on the most dangerous roads and also paying closer attention to traffic circumstances when you are on those streets. Making use of modern safety data could reduce your risk of getting hurt in a motor vehicle collision.

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