3 tips to stay safe around aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | Car Accidents

Not everyone on the road is as calm and peaceful as they should be. Some can turn aggressive, putting themselves and those around them in danger.

If you come across one of these angry drivers, knowing what to do could be the difference between getting injured in a collision and continuing with your day in safety. Here are three things to remember:

1. It’s probably not personal

The driver might be taking their anger out on you, but that does not mean they are angry with you. Many people get in the car in a state of agitation, and traffic and the small actions of other drivers can sometimes be enough to worsen their state of mind.

2. It’s better not to engage

You cannot risk your safety by guessing how far the other driver might push things. While some might quieten down if you stand up to them, others may become more extreme and intentionally try to harm you.

3. The goal is to get home safely

You might lose a few seconds if you give way to someone trying to barge into your lane or slow down to let them pass. You might lose a few minutes if you have to stop or divert from your route to get away from an aggressive driver. You will lose far more if they cause a crash that injures you.

This does not mean you should accept aggressive driving. If someone injures you in a vehicle crash because of their aggressive behavior, you can seek legal help to hold them responsible for the harm they did you.

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