2 things that could affect a new parent’s ability to drive

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Safety

If you have never adorned your car with a “baby on board” sticker, you might wonder why other people bother. It’s not like people set out to cause a crash only to see a sticker and change their minds. Most people want to get to their destination safely.

Yet these stickers are actually helpful to defensive drivers. You can take them as a warning that the person displaying one might be a hazard to you. Here is why:

1. Babies don’t allow their parents much sleep

Most newborns wake up several times during the night. While they need to do that because they need feeding, what their parents need (and do not get) is a sound night’s sleep. Week after week this can leave parents exhausted, which will affect their decision-making and reaction time when driving.

2. Babies distract their parents

Imagine this: A mom or dad is coming up to a busy intersection on a rainy night. They are struggling to see amid the flare of headlights on their windshield and the constant movement of the wipers. While everyone else on the road is also having that issue, this particular driver also has a crying baby to contend with. Do you think they will be able to focus on the road as well as those driving alone in silence?

It’s not only mental distractions that babies can cause. A parent may also turn around to look at them or take a hand off the wheel to pick up a favorite toy.

If you are in a crash with a new parent and their baby, get legal help to understand how you may be able to argue that their distraction caused the crash.

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