Cincinnati’s most dangerous intersections

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Anyone who’s lived in Cincinnati for a long time likely has a pretty good idea of what intersections to avoid, saving them a whole lot of damages and medical bills in a car crash.

But, if this is your first time in Cincinnati or have family coming through, then you may not know what roads to circumvent. So, which of these streets should you avoid? Here’s what you should know:

Top 10 hazardous intersections in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati may be one of the safer cities to drive through, despite that, the city still sees a ton of accidents throughout the year.

A five-year study, from 2014 to 2019, has shown that, out of 25 intersections in Cincinnati, there have been almost 300 crashes, just over 200 minor injuries, nearly 40 serious injuries and six deaths. Downtown areas, in Cincinnati, account for upwards of 750 car crashes and three fatalities.

Out of these 25 intersections, 10 of them are known to be the most dangerous:

  1. Gilbert Ave and Victory Pkwy: 10 accidents, 25 minor injuries and 60% accident chance
  2. Queen City Ave and Harrison Ave: 14 accidents, 13 minor injuries, 1 fatality and 48% accident chance
  3. Martin Luther King Dr and Burnet Ave: 9 accidents, 14 minor injuries and 47% accident chance
  4. Mitchell Ave and Kessler Ave: 16 accidents, 10 minor accidents and 40% accident chance
  5. North Bend Rd and Argus Rd: 3 accidents, 3 fatalities and 38% accident chance
  6. Reading Rd and Dorchester Ave: 20 accidents, 9 minor accidents and 37% accident chance
  7. Reading Rd and McGregor Ave: 18 accidents, 6 minor accidents and 36% accident chance
  8. Vine St and Nixon/Goodman: 13 accidents, 11 minor accidents and 36% accident chance
  9. Warsaw Ave and Grand Ave: 8 accidents, 8 minor accidents and 34% accident chance
  10. Hopple St and Beekman St: 9 accidents, 7 minor accidents and 32% accident chance

If you’re in an accident in Cincinnati, you likely aren’t the first and won’t be the last. You may need to reach out for legal help when recovering from medical bills and losses.

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