3 Little-Known Secrets About Ohio’s Automobile History

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When people think of the automotive industry, they often think of Ohio’s Northern neighbor, Michigan. However, the Buckeye State is also home to some crucial landmarks in automotive industry history.

Although there are some disputes about certain firsts, there are those who strongly believe that several of the most important advances in automotive history and also in the development of safety standards took place right here in Ohio.

What are the three surprising historical events that occurred in Ohio related to the automotive industry?

The first gas-powered car came from Ohio

The first motor vehicle that used gasoline is an important milestone in Ohio and domestic automobile history. James William Lambert constructed a gas-powered vehicle in secret in 1891. His invention was an important first that paved the way for the modern automotive industry and the gasoline industry as we know it.

The first serious car crash may have happened in Ohio

Although there are some disputes about the first time there was an automobile collision, many researchers point to a crash in Ohio City as the first recorded collision.

In 1891, James William Lambert not only created a gas-powered vehicle, but he went on to crash the car after hitting a tree root and losing control of the vehicle. He had a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the collision, which involved crashing into a hitching post for horses. There were minor injuries but no major wounds reported in the collision.

Ohio citizens pushed for early safety laws

With a combination of inventors on the roads in Ohio and manufacturing facilities, Ohio residents were worried about the liability and risk posed by such vehicles long before crash laws were standard in every state.

Ohio has a rich and storied history in the production of motor vehicles, collisions involving these vehicles and the push for public safety in response to motor vehicles. These days, Ohio has thousands of licensed drivers, all of whom should also carry insurance on their vehicles. Thousands of collisions occur annually involving motor vehicles in Ohio, and many drivers need to file insurance claims and sometimes civil lawsuits following these collisions.

Learning about the storied history of car crashes and automotive technology in Ohio can help you better appreciate the laws that protect you if you ever experience a collision yourself.

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