Does hot weather make dog attacks more likely? 

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Many people across Ohio are enjoying the summer days while they last. The milder days encourage people to take trips, socialize and generally engage in fun activities. Surprisingly, not everyone is a fan of hotter days, and some studies suggest that people are more prone to aggressive behavior during warmer periods.

Is there a similar phenomenon among dogs? Are they more likely to attack when it’s hotter? 

Attacks do increase, but why? 

Dog attacks do generally increase during the summer months. However, there is little research to suggest that this is a direct result of the heat. Why are there more attacks during the summer then? 

A higher presence of children are outside

Millions of dog bites occur every year, with approximately half of the victims being children. During the summer holidays, children are off of school and they have more free time to play with their friends. 

The higher risk of dog attacks during the summer is most likely associated with the fact that there are more children playing outside, and the majority of dog attacks happen outdoors. 

Adults are also involved in outside activities

Of course, it’s not only children who like to participate in outdoor activities. Adults attending the park, barbeques or other social events in outdoor spaces are also at risk. 

Dogs can be protective over their territory, so it is in your best interests to keep your wits about you in unfamiliar areas during the warmer months. 

If you have been attacked by a dog, then you may be able to hold the owner to account legally. There is a possibility that you’ll be able to claim legal compensation for your injuries. Seeking guidance from someone in the field of personal injury law will give you a better idea of your options.  

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