How to stay safe around water this summer

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Summer is a great time to make the most of Ohio’s swimming spots. Be it a local pool, a water park, a river or a lake, you need to be aware of the dangers.

Each summer thousands of people across the country are injured in or alongside the water. A few unlucky ones die. Many of them know how to swim.

You can drown in a bathtub

Water does not need to be deep to kill you. As long as it is deep enough to cover your mouth and nose, oxygen cannot get in and you will die. Hence the common warning to parents not to leave kids to play in the bath alone.

Why wouldn’t someone take their face out of the water and breathe?

As easy as breathing sounds, it is not always possible. Here are some reasons why:

  • Slipping: Let’s say your child is playing in the local pool. Being a kid, there’s a good chance they run poolside. If they slip, bang their head on the side of the pool and fall in, they won’t be able to breathe if unconscious.
  • Cold water: Many people get into problems by diving into cold water or leaving the warmer water of the shore. If diving, the initial shock could cause them to gasp and take in water. If they enter more gradually their body could slowly cool down to the point where they do not have the strength to extricate themselves from their situation.
  • Panic: Someone that knows how to swim may panic when they realize they are further out than they thought. Or, they may tire and be unable to make it to shore.

Even if a drowning swimmer is rescued the injuries can be significant. Hence property owners should take steps to help others stay safe around water on their land. If they do not and your child is injured, it will be important to examine your legal options.

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