Can you wear sandals on motorcycles?

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Many new motorcyclists look into the best safety practices when they first begin driving. They first learn that wearing a helmet is always safe. They may consider wearing knee pads and gloves to further their protection. And finally, they get tough leather shoes to protect them from the heat of the motorcycle. 

But many new motorcyclists can’t fathom wearing so much protective gear in the summer heat – especially on the days an egg could fry on the road. Some cyclists consider wearing sandals to stay cool. 

Are sandals safe when riding motorcycles? Is it even legal to wear sandals? Here’s what you should know:

Sandals are legal, but they may still be unsafe to wear on motorcycles

There are no laws that prevent anyone from wearing sandals while driving. People can even ride a motorcycle barefooted if they wanted. But just because they can drive a motorcycle barefooted or with sandals, doesn’t make it safe.

The purpose of wearing leather shoes on motorcycles is to protect people’s feet and give them more control while on a motorcycle. 

Sandals don’t provide the same protective surfaces that leather shoes do. Someone could easily rub their skin against the mechanics of their motorcycle and burn their leg. Someone could easily lose focus if they burned their leg on the side of their motorcycle. This could lead to serious motor accidents.

Boots also provide traction that keeps a rider’s feet steady on the pedals. Sandals don’t have the same traction as books and could slip off or catch the underside of the pedals. This can cause a rider to not react in time to the traffic. 

You can take all the safety precautions in the world and still end up in a wreck. If so, you may need to seek legal help to recover your losses from the at-fault driver. 

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