Cities with the most accidents: Do any in Ohio make the list?

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Depending on countless factors, motor vehicle collisions can result in severe injuries and devastating property damage. From the types of vehicles involved to the speed of the crash, occupants might struggle with head trauma, crush injuries or paralysis after a violent collision. Should Ohio residents be concerned?

Unfortunately, yes.

Based on pooled data, a recent report looks at cities with a high occurrence of traffic accidents. Insurify has analyzed information gleaned from more than 2.5 million car insurance applications to rank the top 20 cities across the United States that are home to the most accident-prone drivers. Based on the tabulation of drivers with prior at-fault collisions, Cincinnati ranks as the 19th most accident-prone city in the U.S.

Nearly a fifth of the drivers filling out an application, 17.38%, admitted to their involvement in a collision as an at-fault driver in the past.

Why is this concerning?

According to their data, the average across cities throughout the United States was 12.40%. The most accident-prone city in the U.S. according to the insurance data was Johns Island, South Carolina at 21.6%. The data can be troubling as it is both self-reported and inexact. While police reports could corroborate the information, there could be reporting inconsistencies such as the possibility of partial fault, contributory negligence or unreported collisions.

Whether they involve cars, trucks or motorcycles, a motor vehicle collision can result in catastrophic injuries. For collisions involving large trucks like 18-wheelers, construction vehicles and commercial trucks, these collisions are often deadly. No matter the severity of the crash, it is important that all vehicle occupants seek a thorough medical exam to diagnose the injuries sustained. An experienced medical professional will develop a unique course of treatment to help drivers and passengers alike return to a pre-accident state of health.

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