Are sport bikes more dangerous?

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There are many different types of motorcycles, with large touring bikes, small and nimble off-road bikes, adventure bikes that combine the two, and the fast little sport bikes that you’ll see on the track.

These sport bikes often get the reputation as being highly dangerous. There are people who love to ride a motorcycle but would never buy that type of vehicle. Is this reputation warranted? Are sport bikes really more dangerous than the alternatives?

Yes and no: Breaking it down

There is some truth to this, as fatality rates on sportbikes do tend to be pretty high. This reputation didn’t just come from nowhere, and there is a reason for it.

However, you have to consider all of the other factors that play into these high fatality rates. For instance, some studies have discovered that the majority of people who ride sport bikes are under the age of 30 years old. We already know from other car accident statistics that younger drivers tend to get involved in more fatal accidents. For those from 16 to 19, the rates are the highest out of any age group.

So, is it really the sport bike that is the most dangerous type of bike? Or is it just that they have inflated statistics from these young drivers? If you ride a sport bike yourself, and you know how to ride responsibly and carefully, it can be as safe as any other type of motorcycle that exists.

Have you been injured?

Of course, many serious motorcycle injuries happen when other drivers make mistakes and hit the bikes. If this has happened to you, then you need to know exactly what legal steps to take.

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