Hazards that city cyclists need to be aware of

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You might find that biking is the easiest way get to and from work. In that case, you might need to know how to stay safe from city dangers.

Knowing what to expect when riding your bike could save you from serious injuries:

Watch for construction zones

Construction zones are hard to notice and may be missing warning signs causing dangers to you. Much if not all of the road is often torn up for a new layer of cement. If you are not equipped for rough terrain then you and your bike could be injured.

 If the construction zone involves renewing pipes then there might be large holes dug out. These holes may not be obvious until it is too late and you fall in. Falling great distances could lead to broken bones, head injuries, spine injuries, bruises and cuts.

Construction zones may even involve raising heavy material into the air. Biking underneath these areas has the potential of falling debris. Getting hit by falling debris can cause serious head injuries.

Avoid car doors

Car doors may suddenly open when approached. People who lack the foresight to use the Dutch reach could send you flying off your bike. This could lead to long-term spinal and head injuries.

If riding past a vehicle is your only option then you can reduce the chance of dooring injuries by slowing down and peeking into the car next to you for passengers. Biking slowly or even signaling a bell or horn can indicate to a passenger that you are near.

You may still find yourself in a biking accident after taking these tips. If so, you can seek legal guidance that can help you with the recovery process.

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