What are Ohio’s and Kentucky’s safest cities?

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Safety is both an intangible feeling based on nothing more than someone’s subjective opinion. It can also be a quantifiable state based on statistical risks. People feel safe in some situations and at risk in others, and their feelings may not have any direct correlation with their real-world statistical risk.

When it comes to the safety of an area, there are many factors that influence overall risk. Everything from illness rates and crime to the frequency of motor vehicle crashes can influence how safe different regions are.

When looking at everything from crime car crashes and economic stability to hospitalizations and even road quality, a clear pattern develops. There are certain places where people are far more likely to fall ill, get into a collision or become the victim of a violent crime. Researchers recently ranked the safest cities in Ohio and Kentucky, along with the rest of the United States. Where are the safest cities in Ohio and Kentucky?

The best of Ohio

The highest-ranking city in Ohio according to an in-depth safety analysis performed in late 2021 is Toledo. Overall, Toledo ranked as the 116th safest city in the country and the highest of all ranked municipalities in Ohio.

Cincinnati isn’t much farther down the list at 121st. Akron, Ohio, takes the 125th position, while Columbus is ranked 155th in the nation for safety. Cleveland is 166th, which is one step below Oakland, California, and four places ahead of Detroit, Michigan.

What are the safest cities in Kentucky?

Like Ohio, Kentucky doesn’t have any cities that make it into the top 100 safest in the country, but Louisville does take the 115th position on the list. Although it took a higher rank than any city in Ohio, it is also the only municipality in the state of Kentucky to make it onto the list.

Of course, the safety of a region is relative to its people. If you are quite cautious about safety when in a motor vehicle and live well below your means financially, your risk of a serious life issue, like a burglary or a car crash, maybe lower than the average risk for someone in your area.

Recognizing that you live in an area where your risk for a serious personal injury could be higher might inspire you to learn more about your rights or to invest more in insurance.

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