Negligent security factors that lead to unprovoked attacks

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An attack can happen anywhere. Scenarios may include walking in a stairwell of an apartment or office building, heading to your car in a parking ramp, standing in a hotel lobby, enjoying a meal at a restaurant or even while relaxing inside your hotel room.

Victims often pay a heavy price from unprovoked violent assaults initiated by criminals bent on stealing their money, vehicle and other valuables. Or, sometimes, these sick-minded individuals do it just for thrills. These instances are prime examples of negligent security. Property owners and landlords must protect people on their premises or in their facilities.

Poor lighting and lack of security staff

Here are some of the factors that play significant roles in violent attacks on premises:

  • Poor, non-working and inefficient lighting: Dimness provides ideal camouflage for criminals waiting to attack in parking lots, stairwells, hallways and parking ramps. Having efficient lighting serves as protection for the public and a deterrent to would-be assailants.
  • Lack of or non-working security cameras: Cameras provide additional eyes for security staff and record the comings and goings at facilities. These devices must be of high quality and always functioning.
  • Shortage of security staff or poorly trained staff: Property owners and landlords may cut corners and hire few security workers. Along with the visible presence of security, the staff must have proper training in protective measures such as identifying threats and resolving them.
  • Easily accessed locks on doors and windows: Poor quality locks may lead to unlawful entrance into facilities. Among the most notorious negligent security cases was the 1974 attack of pop singer Connie Francis, raped by an assailant who entered her New York motel room through a faulty sliding door. A jury awarded Francis $2.5 million ($11.9 million in today’s dollars).

In negligent security situations, all eyes should be focused on facilities owners and landlords, challenging them to do what they are supposed to do to protect the public.

Remain alert and aware

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings when you venture anywhere, whether it is to your car parked in the lot of your apartment building or walking in the stairwell at your workplace. The protection you think is there may not be there after all.

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