Which month is the most dangerous for drivers in Ohio?

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Ohio’s roads have the potential to be dangerous at almost any time of year, but certain months tend to be more hazardous than others. There are several reasons for this, such as a change in seasons or in the way that drivers travel.

Here is a list of the most dangerous months in order from the least dangerous month to the most based on car crash statistics between January 2017 and December 2021:

  1. April (100,159)
  2. March (106,224)
  3. February (107,933)
  4. July (112,061)
  5. September (115,118)
  6. June (115,966)
  7. August (117,148)
  8. May (117,711)
  9. January (123,161)
  10. December (124,937)
  11. November (130,080)
  12. October (135,490)

As you can see from this list, October is the most dangerous month based on the number of crashes. Why is that, though? There are multiple reasons that this month turns out to be the most perilous.

Fall creates unique hazards

The reason that October is the most dangerous month may be because of fall. When leaves begin to fall, they can obstruct vision and make the roads slick. On top of that, more people rubberneck to look at colorful fall leaves and scenery, which means that they may not be paying close attention to the road.

When drivers do pay attention, they may find that they’re having to deal with more sun in their eyes. Since the sun sets sooner in fall, it’s more likely to have the sun at eye level while driving.

On top of the falling leaves, October is a time when changing weather conditions may make it hard for drivers to be safe. Frost and fog become more common, and earlier nightfall means there is reduced visibility, too.

The deer migration creates a third risk for drivers. Deer are highly unpredictable when spooked. Seeing one might be frightening, but drivers have to remember that deer travel in herds. If one makes it across the highway or road safely, more could be on their way.

Be safe this year by knowing the risks on the roads

These are several reasons why October is the most dangerous month in the state. All months have the potential to be hazardous, but this is one during which you should be particularly cautious.

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