Trends in fatal crashes revealed by Kentucky collision statistics

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The best way to avoid a crash is to drive as safely as possible. You can make better decisions in traffic when you understand the trends in the worst crashes that occur.

The risks you face on the road change over time. Two decades ago, cellphones were a minor concern on the road. Now they are a leading cause of collisions.

A review of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety fatality statistics report could help keep your driving risks as low as possible.

Who is at the greatest risk of dying based on age?

Anyone can die in a fatal car crash, but some people have substantially more risk than others. Although motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of death for all age groups, people of certain ages are statistically more likely to die in a crash.

Overall, people between the ages of 25 and 34 represented just over 20% of the statewide facilities. On the other hand, children ages nine and below represented roughly 1% of the traffic fatalities in the state.

How often was alcohol a factor in fatal crashes?

Despite laws against drinking and driving, people still frequently do it. In 2020, alcohol played a role in at least 15.9% of the statewide traffic fatalities.

How many people died while not wearing a seat belt?

Almost 57% of the deaths that occurred on the Kentucky roads in 2020 involved someone who did not have a seat belt on at the time of the collision. Sadly, 338 people lost their lives because they did not use restraints while driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Additionally, two children died because of improper child restraints.

You can likely reduce your risk of a deadly crash by actively avoiding drinking before driving and using a seat belt every time you drive. Identifying trends in the statistics about motor vehicle crashes can help you make better safety decisions out on the roads.

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