Are you letting distraction put you at risk on the roads?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Distraction is a major concern on modern roads. The vehicles people drive have themselves become far more complex, and drivers often have phones sending them notifications while they drive.

Just staying off of a mobile device isn’t enough to eliminate driving distractions. There are numerous other forms of distraction that could also affect your safety.

Visual distraction

You need to constantly scan your environment to be safe as you drive. When you don’t remain focused on the road ahead of you and other nearby traffic factors, you can easily fail to notice something until it is too late to react appropriately.

Anything that takes your eyes off of the road is a distraction that could significantly increase your likelihood of a wreck.

Manual distraction

Even if you don’t have to look at your radio controls how to change the station because you know right where the knob is, you still have to take your hand off the wheel.

When you do, you temporarily increase your reaction times. Needing to readjust your grip on the wheel after letting go could mean that you cause a crash that you might otherwise be able to avoid.

Mental distraction

When you let your mind wander while driving, you can’t devote your full focus to your safety or the traffic conditions nearby. You could easily get into a crash despite facing forward and having both of your hands on the wheel.

Any activity that causes one or more of these forms of distraction increases your risk of getting hurt on the road. Avoiding all distractions will limit your likelihood of causing a motor vehicle collision.

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