Winterize your vehicle to prepare for wintertime drives

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Winter is approaching, and snow is going to fall any day now in Ohio. With frosts already coating the land and ice becoming more prominent during early morning commutes, now is a good time to talk about winter safety tips that motorists can rely on.

Your vehicle will help you get from point A to B, but it’s necessary to winterize it. Ohio’s winters can be harsh, so keeping a close eye on things like your vehicle’s tire pressure and tread make a huge difference in how safe you’ll be in the coming months.

What should you do to winterize your vehicle in Ohio?

To winterize your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is to go through winter maintenance steps. Some of the maintenance to perform includes:

  •       Cleaning away debris from your vehicle after each drive, such as snow that accumulates around the tires
  •       Mounting winter tires
  •       Refilling your window washer fluid with temperature-appropriate fluids
  •       Installing winter wipers
  •       Checking for proper tire pressure (this will decrease as temperatures drop)
  •       Keeping your gas tank at ½ tank or more

You should also have maintenance performed if your heat is not working, your defrosters are not working correctly or you cannot roll down your windows. Visibility is the key during winter months, so these parts of your vehicle should be in working order.

On top of these maintenance priorities, you should also add emergency kits to your vehicle. Since snow and ice will be prominent, you’ll want to have some food and water, blankets or sleeping bags, a first-aid kit and necessary medications.

Preparing now will help you stay safer on the roads and avoid a car crash. If you are hit, having your emergency items ready can help you stay more comfortable until help arrives.




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