What are the leading causes of crashes in Hamilton County?

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When you’re driving, you know that hazards abound, but do you know exactly what the biggest dangers are in your area?

The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains a website that can help motorists break it down. Knowing more about what is causing wrecks can help you plan ahead and protect yourself a little better.

What’s the data say on wrecks in Hamilton County?

When examining the last three years worth of available data, there are a few surprises. The total number of wrecks dropped sharply from 31,793 in 2019 to only 25,628 in 2020 — and 2021 will likely mirror 2020 fairly closely. However, the number of serious accidents remained largely the same in all three years — and fatalities actually rose in 2020.

Generally, that’s a pattern that’s been seen all over the nation. As more people ditched their commutes to work from home and restricted their social activities, the authorities suspect that drivers who were already inclined to be risk-takers have taken the opportunity to speed more than ever before. High-speed accidents naturally result in the worst injuries.

What about the rest of the data? Well, it may surprise you to learn that neither intoxication nor distracted driving were the top causes of crashes. Instead, two of the biggest variables in the vast majority of wrecks turned out to be age-related. (Both mature and young drivers were problematic, although for different reasons.)

What else are the biggest factors associated with wrecks in Hamilton County? Aside from speed and age, these are the culprits:

  • Unbelted drivers or passengers (who likely took their seat belts off while in motion to reach for something)
  • Failure to yield, usually caused by drivers who either were simply careless, in a hurry or willing to take risks
  • Running red lights and stop signs, which — again — suggests that many of drivers out there are simply impatient or willing to take unnecessary chances
  • Commercial vehicle accidents, which have been steadily rising due to both the popularity of online shopping and infrastructure problems that make deliveries harder

Ultimately, this knowledge is only so useful: You can be the safest driver in the world, but you can’t control other people’s behavior. Whatever the reason, if you’re injured in a wreck here in Hamilton County, find out more about your right to compensation.

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