3 tips for better driving after Daylight Saving Time

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The end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) comes every year, and with it are earlier evenings and darker drives after work. When you turned your clock back, you probably immediately noticed the shorter days and that you’d have to drive home from work when it’s nearly black outside.

AAA East Central Ohio has made some helpful recommendations to help drivers get to their destinations safely despite the time change. Here are three tips to make your evening commutes safer.

  1. Watch out for deer (and drivers avoiding them)

Ohio is known for its large deer population, and those animals tend to come out at dusk. Unfortunately, dusk now arrives around the time you get off work.

You can reduce the likelihood of a crash by giving yourself more space between vehicles and watching for deer along the side of the road. Where there is one, there are usually several, so be prepared to stop.

  1. Get more rest

The time change alters your sleep pattern, so be aware of that during the first few days and weeks after DST. The effects of the time change last around two weeks, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University. Fatigue-related crashes are more common at this time.

  1. Stay focused

Finally, stay focused. The dark makes it harder to see hazards and changes in others’ driving behaviors. Watch out for sleep-deprived drivers as well as others who may be distracted or drunk behind the wheel.

The end of DST comes every year, so get to know these safety tips and remember them each time it occurs. Doing so may help you avoid a serious auto accident and get you to your destination safely.


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