Where does Kentucky rank in the worst states to drive in?

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Northern Kentucky residents may wonder why there seem to be so many bad drivers on the road. It can be that a person is just having a bad day and is unlucky to encounter bad drivers everywhere they go. In actuality, according to one study, Kentucky ranks in the top 10 of best states for driving.

According to a study conducted by Wallethub, Kentucky is ranked sixth in the United States for the best states for driving. The study shows that Kentucky is also one of the best states in which to own a car.

Why did Kentucky rank so high?

Wallethub came up with its ratings using many different categories. These include:

  • Cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle: This includes gas, car insurance, and repair costs.
  • Weather, traffic and infrastructure: This includes rush-hour congestion, number of days with precipitation, roads and bridge quality, etc.
  • Safety: This includes the frequency of dangerous driving behavior including speeding, drunk driving, aggressive driving, traffic fatality rate, number of uninsured drivers, etc.
  • Maintenance: Access to vehicles and vehicle services including gas stations, dealerships, mechanics, car washes, etc.

Kentucky ranks 30th in the access to vehicles and services category, but near the top at number 4 in the cost of ownership and maintenance. The state is ranked near the middle in traffic and infrastructure (24) and safety (20). While cost of owning a vehicle is important for drivers, infrastructure and safety are things that can raise or reduce the risk of serious car accidents.

Of course, all this news about rankings is cold comfort to people who have already been injured in a Kentucky car accident. Fortunately, there may be legal help available so that the injured can recover the compensation they deserve after they have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

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