What factor do many 2020 Ohio traffic fatalities share?

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Trying to stay safe on the road requires that you remain attentive at all times while driving. It’s also important that you familiarize yourself with certain safety statistics, like when it is most dangerous to be on the roads and how likely you are to get into a crash.

Some safety information is national and points to broader driving trends. Other data is local to Ohio, which may be more useful for local drivers. An analysis of traffic fatalities in Ohio in 2020 shows that there is one issue that seems to play a role in a noteworthy number of traffic deaths.

Ohio averages more than 100 traffic deaths a month

Traffic deaths involve bicycle crashes, motorcycle wrecks, motor vehicle collisions and even pedestrian fatalities. On average, over three people a day will die in a traffic incident somewhere in Ohio, and many of these victims will have fallen victim to the same mistake.

Of the 1,230 deaths in traffic in Ohio in 2020, 1046 were people inside motor vehicles, 166 were pedestrians and 212 were motorcyclists. Proper safety practices seem to play a major role in someone’s likelihood of a fatal crash.

Of the 1,046 people who died in motor vehicles, 501 did not have their safety belts on at the time of the crash. Of the 212 motorcyclist deaths, 159 were people who didn’t have a helmet on at the time of the crash. 

A history of arriving safely doesn’t mean you should ignore the risks

Anytime you get into a motor vehicle, you have some risk of getting hurt or even dying. Some people point to their safety record of never experiencing a crash as a reason why they don’t need to wear a safety belt or helmet when they head out for a drive.

However, the statistics make it clear that you put yourself at unnecessary risk when you don’t put on your safety belts or a helmet. Given their disproportionate representation in the fatalities reported after traffic incidents, those who don’t routinely use safety devices may want to re-examine their priorities when on the road.

Understanding what decisions affect your safety can help you protect yourself from a crash or minimize the consequences you experience from one.

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