What are the most dangerous intersections in SW Ohio?

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You could be involved in a car crash on any stretch of road. Yet, it is more likely at specific spots than others. Understanding where these are will help you to make informed route planning decisions. You may choose to avoid dangerous sites altogether. Or you may decide to use them, but take extra care.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) keeps data on where crashes happen. They expect a certain number of accidents to happen each year at any given location. The Cincinnati Business Courier (CBC) took this and produced a list of the places in District 8 where the number of crashes between 2013 to 2017 was worse than expected.

The 10 most dangerous intersections in District 8

Most crashes happen at intersections because this is where vehicles must interact with each other the most. Here are the 10 worst intersections, along with the average number of extra crashes per year at those spots:

  1. 10.27 – Colerain Avenue with State Route 126, Hamilton
  2. 9.84 – Colerain Avenue with Virginia Avenue, Hamilton
  3. 9.69 – State Route 28 with County Route 379, Clermont
  4. 6.49 – State Route 4b bypass with Symmes Road, Butler
  5. 6.29 – Colerain Avenue at West Galbraith Road, Hamilton
  6. 5.84 – Roosevelt Boulevard with Breiel Boulevard, Butler
  7. 5.71 – U.S.50 with Freeman Avenue, Hamilton
  8. 5.57 – South Erie Boulevard with Grand Boulevard, Butler
  9. 5.54 – River Road with State Route 264, Hamilton
  10. 5.29 – Colerain Avenue with Springdale Road, Hamilton

If another driver injures you in a crash, you will need to hold them responsible and claim compensation. Yet, if the authorities took this list as a warning of which intersections need alterations or additional safety measures, it may save you a crash in the first place.

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