What are the 3 leading causes of motorcycle accidents?

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Motorbike riding is a favorite hobby of many Americans. However, a sunny afternoon drive can take a deadly turn on the roadway resulting in a tragic accident and serious personal injuries. Motorcyclists generally suffer serious injuries in crashes due to their exposure, even when the impact to their bikes is minimal. 

Many factors can cause motorcycle accidents. Some may result from the motorcyclist’s own negligent conduct, while other motorists may cause other incidents. There are three leading causes of motorcycle accidents that you should be aware of. 

Motorcyclists inexperience 

Inexperienced riders cause most motorcycle accidents. All too often, bikers take to the road before they are fully ready. Ideally, a motorcycle rider should spend several hours learning the following:

  • Operating their motorbike
  • Gauging road conditions
  • Responding to conditions

It can be helpful for novice motorcyclists to take motorcycle operation classes to ensure they learn all the appropriate skills to operate their motorbikes safely. 

Impaired riders

Alcohol impairs judgment both on and off the road. Operating a motorbike calls for a razor-sharp focus, and even a small amount of alcohol can impact your reaction times. According to a 2019 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report, nearly 40% of motorcycle fatalities involved drunk riders

Speeding can prove deadly

Next to alcohol in terms of dangerous behaviors is speeding. Most motorcycle accidents are attributable to excessive speeding beyond the specified limits. For instance, if the speed limit is 40 mph, but it’s windy outside, then operating a bike this fast can be quite unsafe. This, coupled with reduced visibility, can easily end in a crash. 

Left-hand turns

Most fatality cases involving a motorbike and a vehicle usually happen when the motorist turns left in front of a rider. This happens when the rider is traveling straight ahead, overtakes another car or passes one. This type of accident is avoidable if both the rider and the motorist are attentive on the road. 

Motorbike accidents can result in life-altering injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, property damage and more. Understanding and avoiding common causes of motorbike accidents can help you stay safe while enjoying your ride.

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