6 strange Kentucky laws

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

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Every state has its own set of unique (and sometimes strange) laws. Kentucky is no exception.

If you ever wondered what Kentucky’s strangest statewide laws and local ordinances were, here are six bizarre examples.

No reptiles for religious purposes

It is against the law to handle, display or use a reptile in a religious gathering or ritual. This might have been in reaction to the rise of snake handling in certain Christian sects in the early 20th century.

No hunting from a moving vehicle

Hunting from a motor vehicle is illegal — except for whales if you can find one since Kentucky is at least 600 miles from the ocean.

Women of a certain weight wearing bathing suits need an escort

There is a statute that forbids women wearing bikinis from walking down the highway unless a police officer or other official is guarding them. The law makes an exception for women below 90 pounds and above 199 lbs.

Pay attention to your wardrobe the next time you are walking on the shoulder of the highway!

Sex on a parked motorcycle is out

In London, Kentucky, you are not allowed to have sex on a parked motorcycle. Note the word “parked”; in theory, sexual relations on a moving motorcycle is not illegal, although we are pretty sure it would count as reckless driving.

Get permission before buying that hat

Technically, Owensboro does not let female married shoppers buy a hat without their husbands’ permission. Fortunately, nobody has tried to enforce this sexist ordinance in a long time.

Dispose of dishwater properly

You are not allowed to throw dirty dishwater onto the street. This law perhaps made more sense around the turn of the 20th century, when indoor plumbing and sewer systems were more primitive than they are now. Since you can easily send the water you washed dishes in down the drain, this is one law we think still makes sense.

None of these laws are likely to affect your life. But Kentucky’s laws regarding personal injury claims might matter to you and your family someday.

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