Dangers that you’ll want to be aware of when visiting a swimming pool this summer

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Many individuals worry about the prospect of falling in and drowning while visiting a pool. There are countless other dangers that should worry them when visiting pools, though. 

It can be helpful to know the dangers you face when you visit a swimming pool. This knowledge may end up saving your life.

Electrical dangers that may impact you while visiting the pool

A pool’s electrical system must be properly bonded with ground wire, or otherwise, you run the risk of suffering an electric shock. 

Another electrical issue you have to worry about is a pool’s pump lines. A pool’s suction drains are attached to its pump. Pools that aren’t up to code and only have a single drain are particularly dangerous. You can suffer serious injuries if a body part gets sucked into one of these. 

Dangers that pool decks and covers pose

Another danger that swimmers face is slipping and falling on improperly maintained pool decks. These need to be regularly inspected for chips and cracks that may cause visitors to lose their footing and fall. They should also be pressure watched at least once a year to cut away at the buildup that may make them overly slippery. 

Dangers ladders and stairs pose

Pool owners should regularly inspect any stairs or ladders to ensure that they aren’t damaged and properly affixed. They should also add special tiling, reflective tape, and lighting around ladders and stairs to call pool goers’ attention to them.  

Other ways owners can keep their pools safe, and what to do if they don’t

Pool owners can minimize the chances of an accidental drowning or some other injury by keeping their pool surrounded by a child-proof fence and having a lifeguard on duty. Keeping toys out of the pool that may attract kids to jump in can also minimize the chances of an accidental injury. The same logic applies if owners remove diving boards and slides. 

All property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe. Anytime an accident occurs at a pool may be a sign that they didn’t do enough. You find more details about proving liability in a pool accident and premises liability claim on our website. 

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