What are blunt force trauma injuries?

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Many accidents occur each day here in the U.S. that individuals walk away from minor injuries — but not everyone is so lucky. Blunt force traumatic injuries are also quite common, especially in car wrecks.

Blunt force trauma injuries can be quite catastrophic. They result from certain crashes more than others.

What types of crashes often result in blunt force trauma injuries?

Vehicles often decelerate quickly when involved in a crash. This sudden reduction in speed can cause a motorist’s body to be thrust in the direction of the seatbelt, steering wheel or dashboard. Multiple impact sources may occur as the vehicle collides with other motorists or inanimate objects such as walls causing more than one blunt force trauma injury. 

Which types of injuries does blunt force trauma leave behind?

Blunt force can leave a car accident victim with a variety of injuries ranging from abrasions and contusions to bone fractures, lacerations or ruptured or damaged internal organs. Most patients who suffer blunt force trauma injuries require immediate medical attention.

What’s the prognosis like for blunt force trauma injury victims?

The road to recovery might be quite long after someone suffers blunt force trauma injuries. Patients often require surgery followed by multiple months in physical therapy. Surgery and therapy can’t help some blunt force trauma patients, and thus, they require a lifetime of around-the-clock care. 

Recovering compensation for your injuries

You have rights if a car accident leaves you with blunt force trauma injuries. Those rights may allow you to recover financial damages depending on liability, policy limits and the nature of your accident. An experienced advocate can help you learn more.

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