The “100 deadliest days” on the road for Ohio teens have started

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Every year, Memorial Day kicks off a number of summer events in Ohio. It’s also the start of the “100 Deadliest Days.” That stretch, which lasts until Labor Day, is acknowledged to be a time of considerable peril for drivers — especially teenagers.

Why is this such a dangerous time for teenage drivers?

On average, it’s estimated that 23 teenage drivers are killed in deadly car crashes during this period, and many more suffer terrible, life-altering injuries. Teens are not, of course, responsible for every crash that happens during this time, nor are they only ones who may get injured. However, experts say that there are some very specific reasons that teens are particularly at risk.

First, the average teenager just got out of school for the summer, so they have much more free time. Driving becomes more about opportunity and choice instead of necessity. That automatically translates to more time on the road, and teens may let their enthusiasm for whatever adventure they’re on override their caution (especially if they have friends in the car).

Second, the average teen driver is still pretty inexperienced. This can translate into driving mistakes on their end or an inability to anticipate problems on the road with other drivers or respond to danger quickly and confidently.

This year, the authorities are warning parents and younger drivers alike that the danger may be even greater. Last year, national conditions kept large numbers of drivers — including teens — off the road most of the year, so the crop of inexperienced drivers out there may be roughly double that of other years.

What can you do after a collision?

No matter what your age, a car wreck can leave you with major medical problems and a pile of bills. You have every right to expect fair compensation for your losses. Learning more about your legal options is wise.

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