Ohio and Kentucky vehicle crash statistics have a tale to tell

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Anyone who lives in Ohio or Kentucky can glean important insights from recently released statistics, including numbers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and the Kentucky State Police. The more we know about the causes and consequences of car crashes, the better equipped we are to reduce their deadly impact. A quick look at the statistics for January through May of 2021 reveals some telling information.

Alcohol plays a leading role

Of 81,767 total crashes occurring in Ohio so far in 2021, 3723 were alcohol related. In the most recent statistics available for Kentucky, 18.9 percent of all traffic fatalities were caused by alcohol impairment. The tragedy of alcohol-related accidents is that they are preventable. Continued public education, especially targeted at young drivers, can help. For those who have been injured by drunk drivers, additional compensation may be available in the form of punitive damages.

Age is also a factor

Kentucky has an especially high rate of teen driver accidents, with studies showing that teens are more likely to suffer fatal vehicle accidents here than in any other state. In Ohio this year, 11,463 accidents were classified as “teen-related.” Young people who are just learning to drive can benefit from education concerning speeding, texting while driving and other dangerous behaviors.

The dangers of rush hour traffic

According to the OSHP statistics, the most dangerous time to be on the road is between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Many of us must be on the road during rush hour, but those who do not can protect their own safety by scheduling travel during other times of the day. High-risk driving behaviors such as tailgating and lane violations are all the more dangerous when the roads are congested during drive-time hours.

Protect yourself on and off the road

The more you know about traffic safety, the better prepared you are to travel on Ohio and Kentucky roads. You can protect yourself after an accident by enlisting the services of a skilled personal injury attorney. We hope the remainder of 2021 shows reduced numbers in all categories of motor vehicle crashes.



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