Drivers become dangerous after just one drink

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Drinking and driving do not mix. As most Cincinnati residents know, consuming alcohol before operating a motor vehicle can lead to serious accidents, significant injuries, and even fatalities. Alcohol is he substance that can affect drivers in different ways, but generally creates problems for individuals when they attempt to focus on and execute driving tasks.

This post will discuss how even small amounts of alcohol can create big problems for drivers and the victims they create when they cause violent motor vehicle accidents. No part of this post should be read as medical or legal advice. When a victim sustains injuries in a drunk driving accident, they can always choose to work with a trusted personal injury attorney to help them understand their rights and fight for their damages through litigation.

Small consumption, big problems

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, small amounts of alcohol can affect drivers in big ways. Though many jurisdictions recognize a threshold blood alcohol concentration level of 08%, drivers may be seriously affected by alcohol at much lower blood alcohol concentration limits. For example, when a driver’s blood alcohol concentration is at 02%, they may focus poorly on more than one task and may have difficulty with their vision. These basic functions are necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The more alcohol a person has in their system, the more problems they may experience. Beyond focus and vision, a driver may be unable to coordinate their movements, consider risks, or maintain consciousness. Alcohol makes a safe driver dangerous because it affects them on a systemic level.

Dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident

The harm that victims suffer from drunk driving accidents can be long-lasting and painful. They may endure injuries and setbacks to their lives that they cannot overcome. The changes that victims must accept when their futures are altered because of their involvement in drug driving accidents can be overwhelming. When they are able, they can choose to seek the counsel of personal injury lawyers who can help them find legal methods of being compensated for what they lost.

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