What happens if someone drives off after causing a crash?

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A car crash can cause massive property damage and possibly leave someone with serious injuries. Drivers should stop after a collision both to communicate with anyone else involved and determine whether someone needs medical care.

Unfortunately, some drivers will try to speed off after causing a crash with another vehicle or striking a pedestrian. Hit-and-run collisions can have a number of negative consequences for the victim. They may not get medical care as quickly as they need it after a crash, and they may not be able to track down the other driver to make a claim against their insurance for any medical cost for property damage.

What does Ohio law say?

State statutes require that drivers stop after a crash and file a police report if the collision caused property damage or injury. When someone leaves the scene of an accident, unless they do so to seek emergency medical care, the state can typically charge them with a first-degree misdemeanor offense.

Why do people drive away from a crash?

When someone causes a collision, they may not want to take responsibility for their actions. Driving off could be the first instinct of someone who knows they are in violation of the law. Drunk drivers and those without insurance or a valid license may be more likely than others to flee the scene of a collision.

What should a driver do after a hit-and-run crash?

If someone else strikes your vehicle and then drives off, the best response is usually to stop the vehicle and report the crash. If possible, pull out your phone and try to take a photo of the other vehicle or make a video of yourself reading off the license plate and any other descriptive details that might help in the identification of the other person involved.

You may need to file an insurance claim, which can be more difficult when you are not at fault but the police cannot locate the driver responsible. The quicker you act to protect yourself, the more options you will have after a hit-and-run crash.

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